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Paintball Multiburst Adapter Plans

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Air Cannon Plans Paintball Multiburst Adapter

How to build - Paintball Mutiburst Adapters

These simple to follow plans include straight forward instructions for building this Paintball Multiburst Adapter for a 3" pvc paint ball air cannon barrel.

Purchase these build it yourself Paintball Multiburst Adapter Air Cannon Plans with fully detailed fabrication and assembly instruction for, Just $1.95

Paintball Multi Burst Air Cannon Adapter

Plans for building a  Paintball Multiburst Adapter to fit 3" PVC Air Cannon Barrels.

Are you disappointed with past experiences of missing your target and then getting your butt pummeled with painballs?

Not any more! Load up your multiburst for a competitive advantage using the multiburst Adapter to fire a mass of paintballs at one time.

Mix it up with shotgun and a carpet bombing techniques to saturate your opponents with paintball explosions. Cover a wide target area with each shot you fire. It's like dropping a paint bomb for full coverage!

Convert Your Air Cannon To A Paintball Gun

Now you can use this paintball Adapter to convert your 3" PVC air cannon barrel into a paintball propelling weapon in seconds.

Attach it and remove it with ease to convert back and forth from the Paintball Multiburst gun to a 3" air cannon as needed.

Designed to give you a superior advantage, this versatile Multiburst Adapter can help you dominate the competition.

  • Take out multiple opponents with one mass paintball load
  • Rarely miss with its paintball swath target area
  • Load 6 - 6 paintballs at once!!!
  • Speed loading capabilities allow you to screw in a preloaded Adapter and fire it in seconds
  • Pummel the completion by targeting multiple opponents at once.

Now you too can build the Multi Burst Swarm Adapter and these FREE emailed plans will tell you step by step how.

Paintball Multiburst Adapter Plans!

Get your set of Paintball Multiburst Adapter Air Cannon Plans today and get ready to paint the opposition with colorful saturation! Just $1.95