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Snowball Blaster Air Cannon Plans

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Conquer The Frozen Tundra!

SB Snowball Air Cannon Plans

How to build - Snowball Air Cannon

The snowball air cannon offers a simple solution for a snowball gun that only has one moving part for easy use and problem free operation.

Designed for cold weather operation, the Snowball Cannon can blast fup to 12 snowballs at one time with a distance of over 2 blocks! It fires the snowballs into powdered snow for a complete white out effect.

You can also use it to ad snow accents to your house or Christmas trees for that holiday season décor. Clear snow from icy surfaces instantly with air pressure from this snowball cannon.

Purchase these build it yourself SB - Snowball Blaster Air Cannon Plans with fully detailed fabrication and assembly instruction for, Just $4.95

Detailed Fabrication Instructions Included

Load up the barrel with several snowballs to blast into the air in neighborhood snowball fights!

This SB Snowball Air Cannon is made from all steel and brass materials to assure safe use under high pressure. It operates safely at a conservative 150 psi

With a multiple snowball load you can make whiteout conditions without the help of mother nature for a total snowstorm effect!

Plans to build the SB Snowball Air Cannon

This snowball air cannon has been optimized for the best performance so make sure to keep all the parts sizes the same for the best result.

Be the ruler of your neighborhood with the power to make it snow with the Snowball Blaster.

be the hand of power in the winter time on the snowball battle field!

The snowball blaster also includes plans for converting to a mortar style cannon but it can be easily used as a hand held cannon or add a shoulder strap for easier carrying and firing.

With the mortar style operation you can dial in every shot by adjusting how much air pressure you add and adjusting the legs for different firing angles.

The steel barrel can hold from one to numerous snowballs which allows you to deliver a small snow dusting or a whiteout snow storm effect for total saturation.

Choose The Preferred Snowball Fight Weapon:

Carrying the SB Snowball Air Cannon into neighborhood snowball fights will no doubt send some of those opponents packing.

With a two block range, you will be in charge using this Snowball Air Cannon to lead your troops into battle with a big advantage.

It's great fun, and you can make incredibly accurate shots when firing full barrel loads of snow overhead to rain down on your opponents with cold freezing snow to get right down their necks...

Bring out the big chill with the SB Air Cannon and dominate your neighborhood winter wars.

Now you too can build the SB Snowball Blaster Air Cannon with these plans to guide you step by step through the fabrication process.

SB Snowball Air cannon Plans!

Get your set of Snowball Air Cannon Plans today and get ready to saturate the opposition with powdered snow and loads of fun! Just $4.95