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SZ Spudzooka Potato Cannon Plans

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SZ Spudzooka Air Cannon Plans

How to Build the SZ Spudzooka
Spud Gun Potato Air Cannon

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Spud Gun

It has many names: spud gun, potato cannon, spudzooka, spudchucker, etc. Regardless, launching produce hundreds of yards will leave you smiling. This classic version is quite simple yet very powerful.

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SpudZooka Spud Gun Fabrication Instructions:

Main ingredients: potatoes, pvc pipe, igniter


  1. Flint igniter (lantern lighter)
  2. 4" PVC cleanout plug
  3. 4" PVC fitting cleanout adapter
  4. 4" PVC coupling
  5. 4" x 24" PVC pipe
  6. 2" x 4" PVC increaser reducer
  7. 2" x 48" PVC pipe
  8. PVC cleaner, primer, & cement
  9. Sack of potatoes
  10. Hair spray (aerosol)

Fabrication Tools

  • K. Drill
  • L. Hand saw
  • M. File

How To Build The Spudzooka

  1. Cut the PVC components to length and clean and prime the joints.
  2. Cement components C thru G together.
  3. Drill a hole for the lantern lighter in the middle of pipe E and then install the lighter with its included hardware. These lighters are very compact and use flint to produce a strong spark. You can find them in the camping section of large department stores.
  4. With the file, sharpen the circumference of pipe G. This makes shoving the potato in easier because the pipe will cut off the excess potato.

You’re ready to launch!

  • Find a very large, open area to launch the gun.
  • Load a potato. Use a stick or rod to push it down the barrel.
  • Spray the hair spray (make sure it’s flamable) into the butt end of gun.
    • If you use too little the potato won’t go far;
    • too much and it won’t launch at all because there isn’t enough oxygen in the chamber.
  • Quickly screw on the plug (part B).
  • Hold the gun at your side, aiming in a safe direction. Give the lighter a quick flick, as if you’re snapping your fingers. BOOM!