Build-it-Yourself Air Cannon Plans

4" Bazooka TP Air Cannon Plans

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For firing up to 4" Diameter Projectiles

Toilet Paper Bazooka Air Cannon Plans

How to build a air powered toilet paper bazooka

The TP Bazooka is perfect for all your TP’ing needs (well some of the more fun ones anyway.)

Getting in the spirit of Halloween, or just getting back at the neighbors?

Its all fun with the TP Bazooka Air Cannon!

Purchase these build it yourself toilet paper air cannon plans with fully detailed fabrication and assembly instruction for the shoulder mount TP Bazooka Air Cannon, Just $4.95

Detailed Fabrication Instructions Included

The plans for building this tp bazooka are very detailed with many pictures and include specific directions for customizing this air cannon to fit you and your comfort.

This includes:

Choosing a comfortable location on the barrel for the scope to go.

Mark where the scopes
“T’s” touch the barrel.

Prime and glue the filed bottom of the scopes 1” “T’s” and the 4”
barrel where the “T’s” will touch.

Clamp or hold pieces together with elastic bands.

Leave for a minimum of 12 hours – 24 is better.

With these detailed plans you can build your own toilet paper bazooka in your own home or garage using the step by step guide to insure all components are fitted properly.

These instructions don't leave any details to guessing. It's all been tested and perfected to be a quality product!

Once your done, here's how to use it...

Shoulder Mount TP Bazooka Shooting Instructions

  • Use single rolls of toilet paper as double rolls are too big. If the roll is still too big you can remove some.
  • The roll should fit down the barrel with a small amount of resistance.
  • Do not force it down. Too tight or too loose will minimize the distance the rolls will travel.
  • Unroll a minimum of 10 – 15 feet of toilet paper. The longer the tail the more toilet paper will unravel and the faster it will unravel. Wad up the toilet paper and place the wad of toilet paper behind the roll and insert it into the barrel in front of the plastic bag.
  • If you want more than one roll be sure to unravel a minimum of 10 – 15 feet of toilet paper and wad it behind the each roll.
  • Push the rolls all the way down the barrel.
  • Fill the air chamber with 60 – 100 psi (a maximum of 100 psi) of air.
  • Aim and press the button and watch.

Get your set of Toilet Paper Bazooka Air Cannon Plans today and you will be ready to tp the neighborhood in no time! Just $4.95