Build-it-Yourself Air Cannon Plans

4" Magnum TP Air Cannon Plans

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For firing up to 4" Diameter Projectiles

Magnum 4" Toilet Paper Air Cannon Plans

How to build this air powered toilet paper cannon

The Magnum TP Air Cannon is the cats meow when it comes time to spread some wipe across the sky, or neighbors home!!!

Purchase these build it yourself Magnum Toilet Paper Air Cannon Plans with fully detailed fabrication & assembly instruction for, Just $4.95

Detailed Fabrication Instructions Included

Suddenly it's raining endless white streamers!

The Magnum Toilet Paper Cannon can fire a wad of waste paper into the air creating its own style of fireworks.

 Decorate with tails of white!

Plans to build the Magnum Toilet Paper Cannon

Toilet paper decorating can be a fun time, especially if you don't have to clean it up!

Having fun at a parade or Halloween decorating, it's all easy with the Magnum TP Air Cannon.

This cannon can be a lot of fun whan you see the surprised looks on faces of bystanders looking at toilet paper raining down around them.


  • Toilet Paper (up to 5 rolls at a time)
  • Stuffed Animals
  • T-Shirts, including unwanted laundry (even panties!!!)
  • Confetti, in Mass amounts
  • Water - douse the kids!!!.
  • Popcorn - Oh Yah, that's a fun one!!!

A lot of research went into making this (indispensable) Toilet Paper Cannon. There were a lot of adjustments from the theoretical to the practical.

The twin 2 1/2" firing chambers give a much steadier "push" with less jerk, and a better feed in the mixing chamber ahead of the release valve. The width of the barrel itself is 4" which enable you to launch a vast array of tissue, or toys!

Intended for adult entertainment, this is a great cannon, incredibly fun, a blast to use (no pun intended) and a real attention getter.

The Magnum Air Cannon operates on air pressure alone so there is no need for flammable or dangerous accelerant's.

The air pressure gauge installed on the back of the cannon makes it easy to repeat predictable shots with consistent pressure.

Now you can build the Magnum Toilet Paper Cannon with these plans that include a step by step how to guide for easy fabrication and assembly. This includes proper lengths of each piece to match our best tested results...

Created with low cost in mind, these plans offer easy to follow instructions that make the fabrication process quick and easy.

Every step is photographed, and every action fully described in plain English so you can clearly understand the process.

Get your set of Toilet Paper Magnum Air Cannon Plans today and you will be ready for neighborhood tp wars in no time! Just $4.95