Build-it-Yourself Air Cannon Plans

1/2" UM Bazooka Air Cannon Plans

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Ultra Magnum Bazooka Air Cannon

The Ultra-Mag Bazooka Air Cannon Plans

How to build - ultra mag bazooka air cannon

The Ultra Magnum Bazooka Air Cannon is the ultimate weapon for propelling marshmallows and other 1/2" projectiles with accuracy!!!

Purchase these build it yourself UM Bazooka Air Cannon Plans that include fully detailed fabrication and assembly instruction for, Just $4.95

Detailed Fabrication Instructions Included

You can pummel the competition with magnum loads!

The Ultra Magnum Bazooka Air Cannon can accurately target your opponents with multi projectile loads.

With this finely tuned 1/2" barrel bazooka you can set your sites on pummeling opponents with each shot!

Plans to build the UM Bazooka Air Cannon

This is the Ultra Mag Bazooka with its magnum sized firing chamber, and its extra long 1/2" barrel that can fire marshmallow and other 1/2" projectiles with great accuracy.

It easily maximizes all the air pressure energy you prime it with to take full advantage of its abilities.

By limiting the air pressure to 80 psi, you can keep marshmallows intact for maximum pummeling. At that pressure, the marshmallows will stay intact and achieve an incredible range of fire.

The recommended safety rated pipe for the ultra-mag bazooka is rated for a maximum 260 psi. However, we do not recommend this gun being used at that pressure. Fact is other component of the gun are not rated that high.

To propel the marshmallows further, add some moisture to the marshmallows prior to loading them in the gun.

This gun like all our other model is 100% waterproof and corrosion resistant. This means you can shoot water instead of marshmallows or whatever other projectile you are using.

Have you ever been soaked with a water pistol? Well, load the UM barrel with water and add 20 psi to the air chamber for total revenge with an incredible soaking shot. Or go into shotgun mode and load 20 - 30 mini marshmallows in the barrel to fire them all at once.

This gun sports an advanced rotary bolt action mechanism. This allows you to load the ultra magnum bazooka from the top of the barrel, instead of shoving marshmallows down the barrel. The rotary bolt action is, safe and very fast to load.

Air chamber pressure can be charged with anything from a bicycle pump to an air compressor. The firing chamber of this gun is equiped with a standard tire fill valve for quick and easy connection and pressurization.

You can even use a garden hose, with the correct adaptor, to fill the air chamber of the gun with more water for an even bigger soaking.

The Ultra Mag UM Bazooka Air Cannon!

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