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Our UV Universal Air Cannon Plans

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For Firing up to 3" Diameter Projectiles

Universal Multi Size Projectile Air Cannon Plans

How to build this Universal Air Cannon

The UV Universal Air Cannon is the perfect adjustable air cannon for universal projectile sizing.

Propelling T-Shirts, golf balls, tennis balls etc. out into the air, or just shooting old laundry around the neighborhood?

Its all fun with the UV Universal Air Cannon!

Purchase these build it yourself Universal Air Cannon Plans with fully detailed fabrication and assembly instruction for, Just $3.95

Fabrication Materials & Assembly Instructions

Are you looking for an inexpensive way to launch promotional t-shirts into a crowd? Or just trying to deliver some laundry to your neighbors house by air mail? This universal air cannon can do the trick.

These design features and instructions offer flexibility for building a pneumatic t-shirt, tennis ball, golf ball, or any other projectile air cannon.

With the power to launch a rolled up t-shirt 100 or more feet into the air, you can imagine what it will do with a tennis ball.

We offer these plans along with a list of parts and materials that are needed to build this air cannon that can be found at your local hardware or building supply store like Home Depot.

If you’ve been wanting one of these cannons and couldn’t afford it, this complete set of build-it-yourself plans might be the perfect solution for you to get the job done yourself for pennies on the dollar.

Building The UV Universal Air Cannon

There are many choices for commercially produced t-shirt air cannons on the market but the prices are often astoundingly high. They range in price from a few hundred dollars to those costing more than a thousand dollars.

If like me, you find these prices to be way to high, then your in luck because the air cannon plans below will provide you with step by step guidance for building this air cannon yourself.

Everything you need to build your own UV air cannon in the size you choose is listed in the plans. These materials and components may be purchased at your local hardware store.

The following components are sized based on the diameter of the projectile you plan to fire: "A, B, C, D, and F".

UV Universal Air Cannon Plans!

Get your set of Universal Air Cannon Plans today and get ready to build this air cannon at home with easy to follow instructions!

These Universal Air Cannon Plans Are Just $3.95