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PVC Trip Mine "Build-it-Yourself"

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Feeling the pressure?

PVC Tripwire Trip Mine Plans, Method 3

Here are the diagrams, along with pictures for reference at the bottom of the page, don’t hurt yourself. Glue all parts except the cleanout plug together and for your own sake, let it dry before using it.

PVC Trip Mine Exterior Fabrication

Tripwire Trip Mine Materials:

  • 1 clothespin
  • wire
  • 3 9 volt batteries
  • 1 ¾” 18volt rainbird solenoid sprinkler valve
  • 2 pieces ¾” PVC pipe
  • 2 2” to ¾” threaded PVC reducers
  • 2 2” PVC couplers
  • piece of 2” PVC piping
  • tie wraps or metal o-clamps
  • 2 position switch
  • metal tire valve
  • 2 stakes (for ground mounting)
  • 2” PVC end cap
  • piece of non-conductive material
  • trip wire
  • PVC glue

Click to enlarge tripwire trip mine schematic

Fabrication and Assemble Instructions:

I’m not going to go into great detail about how to build this device
because I have labeled the above diagram with all of the parts and
it should be fairly straight forward. Just make sure to glue all joints
except for the threaded ones.

Also make sure to test for leaks by slowly adding air pressure and
allowing it to sit and checking if the same pressure is present. I
would suggest filling the pressure tank to 100psi, but you might
want to experiment for yourself to find a good amount of pressure.

The diagram to the right is a closer view of how the trip mechanism
works to trigger the solenoid.

When someone hits the trip wire the non-conductive material is pulled out and the two contacts touch
providing a path to ground and therefore triggering the solenoid.

The sprinkler valve opens and paint is sprayed in the direction in which it is pointed.