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Simple Sniper Rifle Air Cannon Plans

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Basic Air Cannon Construction Design

Simple Sniper Air Cannon Plans

This Pneumatic Simple Sniper Rifle Air Cannon has put a 1.5" deep dent into a steel pickup truck tailgate. It could just as easily fire a potato for a long distance with accuracy! Here we will familiarize you with the aspects of constructing pneumatic air cannon devices like this.

Simple Sniper Rifle Air Cannon Launcher

Simple Sniper Rifle Description

bullet The stock is pressurized through a schrader valve using a (bike pump).
bullet The pressure is released to the barrel by a sprinkler valve piloted with a ball valve (blowguns have crappy flow).
bullet There is a sleeve inside the 1" barrel made from 3/4" cpvc that allows you to shoot paintballs, Tabasco bottles, and 16mm marbles.
bullet The scope is all pvc and will have Plexiglas lenses inside with crosshairs though no magnification exists. The cross will have threaded bushings with plugs to screw and make it seem like itís adjusting. It'll also have lens caps on hinges (not shown).
bullet The bipod isn't really expressed in the 3d, but there is a diagram on the schematics diagram. Basically, the legs will fold up.
bullet The potato gun silencer can be built in many ways but using our silencer design is a great way to go with this.
bullet The breach loader assembly is also a design we address on another page so check it out.

How to Build The Simple Sniper Air Rifle

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Simple Sniper Air Cannon Materials

Part # Quantity Assembly Parts Descriptions
1 1 1 1/2" 90 degree elbow
2 2 1 1/2" x 3/4" x 1 1/2" reduction tee's
3 3 3/4" 45 degree elbows
4 4 1 1/2" couplers
5 4 1 1/2' to 1" bushings
6 4 1" male adapters
7 1 1" coupler
8 2 1" female adapters
9 1 1" 4 way cross
10 2 1" to 1/2" threaded bushing
11 2 1/2" plugs
12 1 3/4" plug
13 1 breach loader assembly
14 1 silencer assembly
15 1 1/4" ball valve
16 2 3/4" 90 degree elbows
17 2 3/4" end caps
18 1 npt thread schrader valve
19 2 1/4" barbs
20 1 1" sprinkler valve - see modification
21 1 1/4" id tubing
22 1 1 1/2" end cap
23 2 1/2" couplers
24 1 1/4" pressure gauge
25 ? 2" hose clamps

This is a mock up of a simple sniper pneumatic air rifle that uses the air cannon technology for fabricating a fun to use, but dangerous air gun if used incorrectly. If you want to assemble one of these, all the basic information is here to help you put together one of these air guns.


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